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At RIVERROCK, we believe music can uplift the soul and that anyone can become proficient at making music if the lessons are focused and fun. The key is sticking with it and our engaging approach creates enthusiastic students who can’t wait for their next lesson. River Rock students feel the pride of playing well, feel the joy of musical collaboration, and feel the thrill of public performance. We welcome all learners, including those with special needs, as they start a life-long love of making music.

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Ken is a former award-winning principal and superintendent of schools in New York City.  Ken started his 30-year career in education as an enthusiastic and successful teacher and then founded and led schools spanning Kindergarden thru high school.  He also plays guitar and saxophone in several bands and loves performing.

At RIVERROCK, Ken combines his talent at school leadership with his passion for music performance to create a fun, vibrant, joyous school where learners are transformed thru a superb musical experience.

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