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A weekly 45-minute individual lesson plus 90 minutes of rehearsal with a band matched in both age and experience.  Afterschool or Saturdays.  Over the course of 14 weeks, kids practice a set list of 4-5 songs and then perform this set live, on-stage at a Rivertown venue in front of friends and family.


Kids not only learn to play an instrument and learn about song structure, but they also acquire confidence and critical group/team interaction skills.  Instruments offered: electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, and voice. 


Songs are modified/arranged so that NO-ONE sits-out any song. All kids play all songs.

Lessons from 3pm-8pm Monday-Friday

9-4pm Saturday

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Piano Lesson


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Individual lessons are where the student learns how to play in tune, produce a good sound and learn the instrument-specific part that they will play. This includes learning the parts of the instrument, establishing good posture, using proper technique, learning relevant music theory, and learning to listen like a musician. All of this is addressed in the context of learning songs.  In most lessons, the student will split time between learning a new tune and refining ones from the setlist.

Students will collectively choose their songs and play their prepared parts together as a band. During weekly rehearsals, students learn to play in time, learn song structures, and learn how to blend harmonically and rhythmically.  Over time, students will learn how to play with people rather than just playing next to them. Students learn the virtues of teamwork, commitment, and compromise to put together a unified, awesome performance.

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To maximize learning, students should play at home several times per week. All students are given access to a variable-tempo, play-along website that allows the student to practice at home slowly at first and then gradually-- at their own pace-- increase the tempo to performance level. This ensures a steady beat of small successes building towards song mastery.

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