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AGES 8 - Adult
Individual lessons & group band rehearsals

LOCATION: Ardsley, NY 

After school program Music Performance Program 

Hours: M-F 3:30-7:30, flexible. year round, starts September 2022.

You teach a combination of individual lessons and band rehearsals.



Teacher Qualities:

You are a performer, love being on stage and your energy inspires others to dance, to sing, or to take the stage themselves. You are not a “closet virtuoso” and truly understand the joy of musical collaboration. You have tremendous patience, enjoy teaching music, and take great pride in your students’ accomplishments. 


Teacher Experience

  • MUST be 21 years of age or older and have excellent references. 

  • You will rehearse and direct a band to perform a set of 6-8 pop/rock songs at a local Westchester venue. 

  • You do NOT need to have been a band director previously. 

  • A degree in music performance or commensurate experience is required (You have "played out" at a high level in pop/rock bands for at least 2 years.) 

  • Must be highly skilled on THREE of: voice, electric guitar, piano, bass, and drums, and must have working knowledge of the others. 

  • Comfortable piecing together resources from, YouTube, etc. to create pop /rock arrangements accessible to beginners. 

  • Must value and be good at communication with students.

  • Must pass background check


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